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UCalgary students are automatic members!

What does this mean?

All UCalgary students have the Active Living Membership included in your general fees. This means you have access to excellent health and recreation facilities that include: Fitness Centre, Gold Fitness Alcove, Racquet Centre, Aquatic Centre, Outdoor Centre Climbing Wall and Bouldering Walls, Olympic Oval, gymnasiums, Outdoor Tennis, Pickleball and Basketball court plus, special events and deals.

Your membership runs concurrently with each semester you are registered in credit classes:

  • Fall: September 1 - December 31
  • Winter: January 1 - April 30
  • Spring: May 1 - June 30
  • Summer: July 1 - August 31

If you are not registered in Spring or Summer classes, learn about your summer options in the FAQ below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

All the facilities are located in the Faculty of Kinesiology Complex:

  • Change Rooms KNA115/118 (Gender Neutral KNA107/108)
  • Fitness Centre and Track: KNB 155
  • Gold Fitness Alcove: KNA 109A
  • Racquet Centre: KNA 169
  • Outdoor Centre/Climbing Wall: KNB 185
  • Bouldering Wall: KNA Basement
  • Aquatic Centre – through Change Rooms: KNA115/118
  • Olympic Oval

All you need is your Student Unicard! A one-time activation of your new card can be processed at the Client Services desk, KNA104, or the Fitness Centre, KNB 155. Then:

  1. Pick up a wristband for the Aquatic Centre, Racquet Centre, Bouldering Wall, Gold Gym Alcove or Open Gymnasium times. Show your card to Client Services (KNA104) or the Fitness Centre (KNB155). Members have Racquet Centre booking privileges; see “How do I book courts?"
  2. Take your Unicard directly to the Fitness Centre, Outdoor Centre (Climbing Wall) and the Olympic Oval (Skating and Running); no wristband is required.

Learn more about your UCID card.

Families (two adults in a household and their children under 18) can be added to your account for $121.80 (GST included) per semester, with no pro-rating. You may apply for a reduced price with this form.

Active Living provides 25¢ coin lockers for day use. The money goes into maintaining the lockers and subsidizing programs for students. Some lockers are available for semester rental.

Towels can be borrowed for $1 per use. A $5 deposit is required. If you have rented a locker, this service is included in that price. You may also purchase towel rentals by the month.

Full and part-time UCalgary student winter memberships expire on April 30. UCalgary students who are enrolled in Spring & Summer courses are member. 

UCalgary students not taking Spring & Summer courses can purchase a Spring & Summer membership at a special reduced rate of $65 for May-August.

A spring membership (May-June) or summer membership (July-August) is also available for a pro-rated price.

Purchase your Spring & Summer membership from Active Living Client Services (KNA104) 403-220-5029. 

Basketballs, volleyballs, soccer and footballs can be borrowed at no cost. You will need to leave your Unicard with Client Services until you return the equipment.

Racquets for squash, racquetball, badminton, and pickleball are rented for $2 per rental period at Client Services (KNA 104). The ball or shuttle will need to be purchased. 

A member privilege is to be able to book the racquet courts up to two weeks in advance.

Go to Facilities > Racquet Centre > Court Bookings > Book a Court Online. Log in to our site using your student eID. Choose the type of court you want to book (Racquetball, Squash or Tennis (May to September)) and choose the day and time you want to play.

You can have a maximum of 3 court bookings at any one time. You must check in at the Client Services desk (KNA104) to get your wristband. If you do not, you will be given a no-show. If you have three no-shows, you must pay a fine to have your booking privileges reinstated.

Student Wellness Series was introduced to allow students to try new sports and activities for free. Every month we will offer a different theme, from yoga classes to rock climbing; there is something for everyone. 

  • Yes, there are ‘washrooms for all’ located at KNA 163, close to the Racquet Centre.
  • We also have two gender-neutral showers and change rooms located at KNA107W and KNA108W.  They are past the Client Service desk as you walk towards the Red and Gold Gymnasiums.


Wheelchair Accessibility:

  • KNA 108W gender-neutral change room includes a wheelchair-accessible shower.
  • Red and Gold Gyms, and Gold Gym Alcove.
  • The Fitness Centre's main floor has limited space for wheelchairs but can be accessed. Once you have checked in at the desk, the track level can be accessed by the elevator across the hall.
  • The Aquatic Centre does have a lift to assist with entering the pool.
    • This would require you to bring your own assistant and alert the Aquatic Centre Staff two hours before arrival so they can bring it out on deck. Contact for more information.
  • The Olympic Oval
    • Wheelchairs may use the running Track and the ice surface during public times.
    • Please stay in one lane on the Track to allow people to pass.
    • To access the activity level, check in at the Oval desk, proceed to the elevator and go down to the basement. A telephone connects to the front desk; use that to call them, and they will open the doors remotely for you.
  • The Racquet Centre
    • Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have Wheelchair sports. Please get in touch with the Membership Services Coordinator at

Sensory Sensitivity

Please contact our Membership Services Coordinator for a tour to introduce you to the spaces and discover what might be possible for you.  

paddling course in the Aquatic Centre pool

Fantastic Programs

University of Calgary Active Living is the largest provider of fitness, recreation and outdoor programs located on a university campus. 

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Intamurals and Rec Sports

Intramural sports and recreational sports clubs are a great way to meet people and get involved in campus life. The Intramurals guide is included in the back of the Active Living program guide, available across campus. 

coed basketball game

Equipment Rentals

Basketballs, volleyballs, and badminton nets are available from Client Services (KNA 104). You can also rent racquets for a fee. An active and valid Unicard card is required to borrow equipment. All borrowed equipment must remain on campus.