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UCalgary Gymnastics - Cochrane

Come spring, swing and flip with us!

Gymnastics programs can build a solid foundation of functional fitness for budding athletes. It fosters strength and coordination, among other skills that benefit children as they grow. 

We want to help you discover a love of gymnastics — but more importantly, inspire a love of moving your body and being active that carries through your entire life!

Cochrane gymnastic doing a backbend
Cochrane gymnast chalking her hands
UCalgary Cochrane Gymnastics Centre overhead view

About us

We are located at the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre in Cochrane.

800 Griffin Rd E
Cochrane, AB
T4C 2B8

As part of the University of Calgary's Active Living department, we value the philosophy that a strong foundation of physical literacy benefits all people, young and old. Learning gymnastics at a young age can spark a budding interest in physical activity and staying healthy.

We love to see athletes flourish — whether that's by working up the ranks of our programs, or using gymnastics as a spring board into any number of athletic endeavours. 

Gymnastics Programs

Toddler in UCalgary Cochrane gymnastics class

Lots for Tots

With programs starting as young as 6 months, you can get your tot building coordination early in their development.

Girl on gymnastics bar at UCalgary Cochrane Gymnastics

Climbing the ladder

Our Recreation Ladder program for artistic gymnasts age 6-17 helps develop a strong understanding and love of the sport. 

Trampoline at Cochrane UCalgary Gymnastics

Coed Trampoline and Tumbling

Find your footing while training in trampoline, tumbling, double mini trampoline, and our 40-foot long tumble track. 

UCalgary Cochrane gymnasts at a competition

LTAD Teams (10 month program)

For those athletes who can't get enough gymnastics, our 10-month programs are ready to give you a leg up on your development.

Cochrane drop-in gymnastics

Cochrane Gym Drop-in

The UCalgary Cochrane Gymnastics facility offers drop-in for ages 2-17 years old.

Gymnastics birthday parties

Birthday Parties

The kids will be turning cartwheels when you book a gymnastics birthday! We provide 2 trained instructors to supervise your group of up to 22 children. Parties are booked on Sundays, Start times are: 10:00 am, 11:30 am, 1:00 pm,  OR 2:30 pm.

Cochrane gymnastics

Summer Camps

While this camp focuses primarily on gymnastics skills, our young athletes will also get the benefit of fun games, fitness, crafts, scavenger hunts, and nature walks, just to name a few highlights. 

Homeschool Gymnastics

The Cochrane Homeschool Program is a once-a-week, skill-based, coed program that aligns with our Ladder programs.