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UCalgary Gymnastics - Cochrane

Come spring, swing and flip with us!

Gymnastics programs can build a solid foundation of functional fitness for budding athletes. It fosters strength and coordination, among other skills that benefit children as they grow. 

We want to help you discover a love of gymnastics — but more importantly, inspire a love of moving your body and being active that carries through your entire life!

As part of the University of Calgary's Active Living department, we value the philosophy that a strong foundation of physical literacy benefits all people, young and old. Learning gymnastics at a young age can spark a budding interest in physical activity and staying healthy.

We love to see athletes flourish — whether that's by working up the ranks of our programs, or using gymnastics as a spring board into any number of athletic endeavours. 

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About us

We are located at the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre in Cochrane.

800 Griffin Rd E Cochrane, AB T4C 2B8

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