Dinos Sports Camps

Sprint, Dive, Shoot, Score

Learn to play like the Dinos from real University of Calgary Dinos athletes. 

Our sports camps are designed to get young athletes in shape and tune up their technique for the upcoming season. These kids will gain confidence knowing they’re learning their sport from players who compete at a high-performance level.

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Dinos Sports Camps

Basketball Camps

BOYS CAMPS - Improving your skills is a slam-dunk with the Dinos Basketball Camps. It is the perfect place to get active and compete against other players from the Calgary and surrounding area. Participants will benefit from the technical training and will be instructed by current and former University of Calgary players and coaches. Get ready to learn basketball individual skills, fundamentals, conditioning methods and team-play tactics. these camps will satisfy the hard-core ballers as well as the beginner level players! Dinos Basketball Camps: Learn the game. Play the game. Enjoy the game.

GIRLS CAMPS - “Come join our University of Calgary DINOS Girls Basketball Summer Camp. Whether new to the sport and want to simply give-it-a-go, or have played for several years – the DINOS women’s varsity players and coaches look forward to helping you improve, have fun & make lasting new friendships. All welcome with break-out groups determined by playing history, skill level or age. Great mix of skills and play – learn the game, play the game, love the game!”

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Hockey Camps

Lace up for an excellent hockey experience at a Dinos Hockey Camp this summer! Participants will benefit from technical training and be led by current and former University of Calgary players and coaches. Hit the ice to hone your individual skills and learn advanced team play and tactics. Step off the ice and put your training into overdrive with dry-land training, team building games and video sessions.

Goalies will get individual instruction, but will also be part of the player’s camp, which allows them to incorporate what they have worked on with the instructors.

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Soccer Camps

Kick it into high gear with a Dinos Soccer Camp! Camp participants will be given the opportunity to learn and develop both individual and team soccer skills including dribbling, passing and shooting. introduction to these specific skills will be done through games, drills and scrimmage, which will be modified for each group to ensure a positive learning experience. With instruction by current and former University of Calgary players and coaches, your technical skills are sure to show a roaring improvement on the pitch.

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Swimming Camps

Dive into the season early with the Dinos Swim Camps! These competitive swim camps will give your athlete the edge they need to start the season a stroke ahead of the competition. Our CSCTA-certified Olympic level University of Calgary swim program coaches provide a technique-based program with a focus on all four strokes, starts, and turns. There will also be training sessions focused on conditioning while maintaining and developing technique. With two in-water sessions daily, classroom learning, outdoor dry-land training, yoga stretching as welll as some mindfullness training, and chances to earn daily prizes the Dinos Swim Camps provide an exciting opportunity to learn, practice, and have fun.

This camp is for competitive swimmers and all participants must be a Swim Canada member and have a Swim Canada ID.

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Track and Field Camps

Do you want to learn to run, jump, throw, and go faster, higher, farther? Sprint on down to the Dinos Track and Field Camps! Participants will work to gain improved fitness, try event-specific training and enjoy an opportunity to test their abilities in a mock track meet. Our coaches are all current and former University of Calgary athletes and coaches.

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Volleyball Camps

Kill it with your team this fall by enrolling in a Dinos Volleyball Camp this summer! Improve your level of fitness; learn skill-specific drills, explore game play opportunities and the chance to meet other local players are just some of the many benefits participants will gain from this exciting camp. Current and former Univesity of Calgary players and coaches instruct camps. This is the place to be if you want to pursue volleyball at the highest level.

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Basketball Shooting Clinic

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Football Camps

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Rugby Camps

No offerings for 2021

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Wrestling Camps

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