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Personal Training at Kinetix

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Why choose Personal training at Kinetix Fitness and Wellness Centre

Highly Certified

Our staff are certified by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, considered the gold standard in exercise science and personal training. This means that every CSEP Exercise Physiologist® and CSEP Certified Personal Trainer®  has a diploma or degree recognized by a provincial Ministry of Education.

Scientific approach

CSEP is the only agency in Canada whose certified professionals are directly affiliated with the scientists/researchers who are experts in this field. Plus, CSEP members are required to maintain their skills and proficiency through continuing education.

Work benefits

Our excellent standard of certification means our personal training services are often covered by extended health plans. Check with your health plan provider to see if you can benefit from our services while shouldering less of the cost.

Get 10% off

Current UCalgary students and Active Living membership holders receive up to 10% off regular personal training prices. 

Personal Training Pricing Options

Package                                   Member                                   Non-Member
Single                                       $72.00                                      $79.00
5 Package                                $359.00                                   $399.00
10 Package                               $719.00                                    $799.00
20 Package                              $1,439.00                                 $1,599.00

**Prices do Not include GST**

Package                                   Member                                    Non-Member
2-on-1 single                             $44.00                                       $59.00
3-on-1 single                             $39.00                                       $45.00
4-on-1 single                             $35.00                                       $39.00

*5, 10, and 20 packages also available 
*Client must form their own groups
*GST not included 

Package                                                   Member                 Non Member
General Fitness Assessment                   $108.00                  $119.00
Assessment and Program Design           $144.00                  $159.00 

CTEP Lab Advanced Health and Fitness Assessment and a Kinetix Program design - $280
CTEP Lab Body Comp Assessment and a Kinetix Program Design - $80
CTEP Lab Posture Assessment and Kinetix Program design - $135
CTEP V02max only and a Kinetix Program design - $245

Looking for a more assessment options such as body comp, V02max testing or flexibility testing options receive 5% off a CTEP Assessment with the purchase of Kinetix Personal training sessions.

Personal fitness at Foothills

New to Personal Training

Looking for more information, talk to one of our fitness professionals in a free consultation to find out which Kinetix personal training option is best for you!

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