Exercise Testing and Training Services

The CTEP Lab and Kinetix are combining forces to offer testing and training services tailored to you! 

Pictured: A participant who just finished their Maximal VO2 test!

Participant just finishing up vo2max test!

Who are we?

The CTEP Lab and Kinetix are entities of the Cumming School of Medicine and are here to provide evidenced-based assessments and exercise prescription for those looking to start or continue their physical health journey!

Clinical and Translational Exercise Physiology Lab

The CTEP Laboratory is a state-of-the-art research facility dedicated to the health promotion and wellness for all by advancing and translating knowledge on the role of exercise in the prevention and management of chronic disease. 

Want to know more? 

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Kinetix Fitness and Wellness Centre

The Kinetix Fitness Centre is a 5,000 sqft facility offering a panoramic workout view of the mountains. Dedicated to providing a comfortable place for all your exercise needs. 

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Assessment Packages

A portion of all proceeds go towards supporting research and wellness services here at the UCalgary!



This assessment has it all including key physiological variables only a VO2max can provide.

Package includes: 

  • Maximal VO2 test
  • Key strength assessments
  • Basic anthropometrics
  • Body Composition
  • Consult and training optimization meeting with a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer

Comprehensive Assessment Package: $399



The CSEP Standard assessment gives you all the information you need, and more to start your fitness journey.

Package includes: 

  • Submaximal VO2 test 
  • Key strength assessments
  • Basic anthropometrics
  • 4 week program tailored to your goals and review with a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer

Standard Assessment Package: $199



Looking for a place to start, some numbers to compare to along the way. The basic anthropometrics will have what you need.

Package incudes:

  • Height and Weight 
  • Key Circumferences 
  • Body Composition Analysis 

Basic Assessment Package: $40 


Training at Kinetix

Our Personal Trainers are certified by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, the gold standard in exercise science and personal training. CSEP is the only agency in Canada whose certified professionals are directly affiliated with the scientists/researchers who are experts in this field. Plus, CSEP members are required to maintain their skills through continuing education. This also means our personal training services are often covered by extended health plan!


After you have completed one of the above assessment packages and have been doing your tailored workout for 4-6 weeks we recommend a program renewal.

Package                                   Member                                   Non-Member
Program Renewal                      $89.00                                      $99.00                           

**Prices do Not include GST**


Package                              Member                              Non-member
Single                                  $75                                      $80
Three Package                     $225                                    $240
Five Package                        $375                                    $400
10 Package                          $750                                    $800

**Prices do Not include GST**

Single session

Package                              Member                               Non-member
2-on-1 single                        $57                                      $62
3-on-1 single                        $40                                      $45
4-on-1 single                        $35                                      $40

*Client must form their own groups
 *5, 10 and 20 sessions packages also available 

Don't know where to start?

Looking for more information, talk to one of our fitness professionals in a free consultation to find out which testing/training option is best for you! 

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The CTEP Lab and Kinetix are located on the first floor of the CWPH building. Once inside the building take the elevator up one floor to the first floor, walk towards the windows and head left down the hallway! 

Building: Cal Wenzel Precision Health (CWPH) 
Room: 1D01

Cal Wenzel Precision Health Building
3280 Hospital Drive NW
Calgary, AB T2N 4Z6

Interactive Map

Meet our Personal Trainers!

Justin's headshot

Justin Rempel

CSEP-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)

Justin Rempel is a CSEP-CPT with over 8 years of experience in the field. He is the Coordinator and Lead Instructor of his own Parkinson’s Disease Exercise Program (PWR!Moves), and has experience working in a medical setting with other Physicians, Psychologists, Dieticians, etc. His niche is working with older populations, Parkinson’s Disease, injury prevention, and overall health and wellness. He is also passionate about his own training for Mixed Martial Arts, Hockey, & Archery. 

He believes that we can achieve an optimal level of physical & mental health through individualized exercise programs and dietary habits.  He believes that prioritizing our health and well-being will enhance the chances of avoiding injuries, disease, and mental health disorders.

Justin also runs his own Microgreens business in the city of Calgary, AB, and he also plays a variety of instruments and records/releases his own Music.

Scotts Headshot

Scott Ford

CSEP-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)

Scott is a CSEP-CPT and is an NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist. He is a graduate from the NAIT personal training diploma program and has also graduated from the University of Alberta with a major in Japanese linguistics and literature.

Scott has been a personal trainer for 5 years. He was a very active kid growing up, having played lacrosse, soccer, and eventually specializing in middle distance running, and excelling in the 1500m, 3000m, and 5000m distances, with personal bests of: 4:02, 8:50, and 15:11 respectively. Due to myriad muscle imbalance injuries, Scott retired from competitive running at the tender age of 20. It was at this point that Scott began his educational pursuits and discovered his love of bouldering. Prior to moving to Calgary Scott trained in Edmonton at a therapy clinic. He specializes in corrective training as well as training the general public.