Fitness Classes

“So glad to be able to attend Yoga Flow in person once again.  Felt very safe knowing that all protocols are being observed:  small class size, sanitizers for each student, and specific areas to arrange our mats.  Besides being able to practice with a great instructor (Rose), communication from Active Living about what to expect from face-to-face classes during the pandemic was timely, clear and very comprehensive.  Excellent job under very unusual and challenging circumstances!” 

Heather Smith, Yoga student

Find your fit

There's a fitness class for everyone at UCalgary Active Living. Every class is led by professional instructors who are ready to welcome participants of any skill level. Workouts can be adapted to beginners, or amped up for the fitness junkies.

Most of all, we want you to enjoy yourself and have fun while finding a fitness fit you love. Working out shouldn't be a punishment!

Active Living fitness class with weights

Group Fitness Classes

No classes on stat holidays

Keep Moving!

Enjoy this lower intensity, traditional fitness class that combines cardio and simple low-impact movements including strength, core conditioning and flexibility in a non-intimidating environment.  While this class is designed for older adults it is open to all ages and fitness levels. 

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Build your strength, endurance and definition using bars, plates and free weights in this effective group weight training program. The weight room comes into the studio to transform your body using all major muscle groups. Focus is on technique, precision and getting you results!

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Cycle and Core

Combine the power and energy of indoor cycling with an added focus on core stability. After a challenging 40-minute ride, a core-conditioning component will improve posture, balance and stability.

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Ditch the workout, join the party! Easy to follow steps coincide with a celebration of Latin and world music to provide cardio, toning, and FUN!

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Learn practical self defense moves and get a great cardio workout with the help of our high-energy, dynamic instructor. You’ll develop skills through targeted drills done on your own and with other participants in a safe, non-competitive environment.

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Barre Fusion

This class will challenge your core strength and muscle endurance while leaving you with long lean legs and defined arms and back. Barre Fusion combines elements of Pilates, core conditioning, classical ballet and resistance training on and off a barre. Through a variety of blended exercises you will develop strength, muscle tone, coordination, body awareness and flexibility while promoting proper posture, joint flexibility and lumbo pelvic stability.  You will work in this class! 

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Total Body Blast

*Coming Soon: Fall 2022*

Packed into just fifty minutes, this full body class will have you sweating from head to toe! Join Gretchen for a workout that will strengthen your core, upper body, lower body, and everything in between. If you can only make it to one class, this should be it! Expect to work with weights, spin bikes, fit balls, and your own body-weight to get a full body experience. 

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Core and Restore

Core and restore is your perfect mix of spicy core strengthening followed by relaxing yoga and stretching. If you’ve got a busy schedule and you want to get best of both worlds in one, then this class is for you! Join us Monday at 12:05- 12:55pm in KNA170 (Movement Studio) for your favorite blend of strength and stretch. Expect a variety of core strengthening movements using weights, gliders, blocks, and more plus a yin yoga style cool down/ stretch.

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“I am enjoying Keep Moving very much! The instructor has carefully explained the new protocols and they seem sensible and carefully thought out. I am grateful that active living courses have resumed. Thank you for this!”

Joanne Black, fitness class participant

yoga class stretching pigeon pose
yoga side plank

“I've deeply missed the fitness classes that were interrupted by the lockdown last spring. Returning to Rose's Yoga Flow class has been fantastic. Rose is, as always, a terrific teacher, but the protocols that have been introduced are also impressive and reassuring. Thank you Campus Rec!”

Adrienne Kertzer, Yoga student

Yoga Classes

Yoga Flow

This dynamic flow class incorporates traditional sun salutations and yoga poses while allowing for more varied practice. You’ll focus on breath, building full body strength, core stability, flexibility, and proper body alignment. Options will be given for all levels, from beginners to those looking for more challenge. 

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Yin Yoga

*Coming Soon: Fall 2022*

A highly beneficial practice that is available to all ages, body types and levels, Yin Yoga targets the yin tissues including the joints, connective tissues, bones and fascia within the body. A relaxed practice of floor postures that can be held from three to five minutes, the primary emphasis is on the hips and spine. Experience a more introspective journey with a focus on what the posture feels like rather than what it looks like.  This class will also have a focus on breathwork, meditation and mindfulness.

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"I am so grateful to be back in a class at UCalgary (even if it is just one!). Working out on your own just isn’t as much fun and the instructor is so great. I appreciate all that you and others are doing to bring classes back to us. The protocols that are in place work very well and I feel very safe."

Valerie Alexander, fitness class participant

Small Group Training

Get motivated and get results with the help of a personal trainer and a small group with similar goals. Experience the variety, constant supervision and support associated with Personal Training along with the added benefit of social interaction.

Staff Only - Noon Group

For University of Calgary staff only.
Learn, lift, sweat, repeat. In this staff-only class you will learn the ins-and-outs of weightlifting including: technique, progressions/ modifications, and injury prevention, all alongside your fellow staff members! If you love group classes and you want to try something new in a safe, supervised session, then this option is for you.

Each session is 50 minutes in length and includes direction from one of our certified personal trainers. 

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Private Group Training

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Learn lifting technique, proper form, injury prevention, and more over three weeks in a small-group workshop! With a limited number of people in class, our certified personal trainer will guide you through the basics of lifting by focusing on technique, form and safety. Expect instruction on the core lifts, including: squats, deadlifts, lunges, bench press, overhead press and rows while using barbells, dumbbells, and other equipment.

Beginner Workshop:

This workshop is for beginner lifters looking to learn technique, increase confidence and improve form!

Intermediate Workshop:

This workshop is for intermediate lifters looking to perfect their technique and try new progressions in a safe, trainer lead environment. 

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