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Welcome to the University of Calgary Summer Camps

A child’s experience at summer camp can be positively life changing. Every camper will have their own unique experience and gain something different from participating. 

Campers will learn something new, develop fundamental movement skills, and make new friends. They will make new discoveries, develop self-esteem and have a greater opportunity to explore their creative side.

Others may have a learning experience and not even know it because they are just having too much fun!

UCalgary Mermaid University Camp
Vet Med camp at UCalgary
Minds in Motion camp at UCalgary
Outdoor Centre paddling camp at UCalgary

Choosing your camp

Camp is special, and there are a lot of different opportunities for kids to explore. How do you know which one to choose? Here are some tips:

Follow your interests

Pick a camp that your child is interested in. Your child will be more engaged, learn more, and have more fun if it is a camp they enjoy.

Switch it up

If your child is attending multiple camps on campus throughout the summer try switching them up, even if they really, really, really like one specific activity. They may discover a new activity that they enjoy and learn something new.

Try brand-new offerings

Check out everything we have to offer as we have new programs every year that might be perfect for your child.

Types of Camps:


swimmer learning lifeguard skills

Aquatic Camps

Aquatics Camps start teens on their journeys to being lifeguards, swim instructors, babysitters, and First Aiders.

We also have Mermaid University for our younger swimmers!

Learn more about Aquatic Camps

Girls showing their business camp creation

Business Camp

Campers will explore how to earn, save, invest, trade and donate money wisely. In this interactive environment, campers will think like entrepreneurs and develop life skills in leadership, team play and responsibility.

Learn more about Business Camps

young gymnast at UCalgary Cochrane gymnastics centre

Cochrane Gymnastics Camps

Gymnastics is a fantastic introduction into the fundamental movements found in sport or physical activity. We teach kids to master the motions of their bodies in a fun and energetic way.

Learn more about Cochrane Gymnastics Camps

Young boy in design camp

Design Camp

Design Camp engages youth to explore their visions of architecture and develop design skills. Inspiration comes from field-trips and active, hands-on activities.

Learn more about Design Camp

Dinos varsity soccer player

Dinos Sports Camps

Dinos Sports Camps offer an outlet for young athletes of all skill levels to learn, play and have fun. With so many options, kids learn from Dinos coaches and players as they use the amazing athletic facilities that the University of Calgary has to offer.

Learn more about Dinos Sports Camps

Kids ready to make a movie

Director's Cut

Director’s Cut brings their cutting edge equipment and curriculum to campus in modules like Stop Motion Animation, Filmmaking, and music video production.

Learn more about Director's Cut Camps

UCalgary figure skating camp

Figure Skating

Learn to Leap is for all levels of figure skaters. On-ice sessions are in the Olympic Oval, while off-ice sessions like yoga, dance, functional conditioning and sport psychology will enhance their on-ice experience.

Learn more about Figure Skating Camp

Geography camper observing an experiment

Geography Camp

Campers will get the opportunity to tackle real-world problems and learn about the forces that have shaped our planet in this interactive, hands-on atmosphere.

Learn more about Geography Camps

Minds in Motion campers learning science

Minds in Motion

Minds in Motion engages youth to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through active, hands-on activities both on and off campus.

Learn more about Minds in Motion

Mini University Kids

Mini University

Mini University offers 15 fun and educational camps for kids including music, art, medicine, fencing, golf, science, and sports. We go on field trips, swim and all of our camps do fun physical activities every day.

Learn more about Mini University

Outdoor Camp at UCalgary

Outdoor Camps

Outdoor Camps spend most of their time outside on adventures in and out of the city. They learn outdoor skills, play in nature, and try many activities such as rafting, fishing, biking, and wall climbing.   

Learn more about Outdoor Camps

Physics Kids

Physics Camp

Campers investigate the wonders of physics through exploration of astronomy, magnetism, mechanics and electricity. Youth will experience hands-on activities and visit the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory.

Learn more about Physics Camp

Girl ready for racquet sports at UCalgary

Racquet Camps

Multi-Racquet Camps (Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Racquetball, Pickleball) will improve overall body awareness, fitness, footwork, and hand/eye coordination which are great skills for playing other sports.

Learn more about Racquet Camps

UCalgary vet med student with a dog

Veterinary Camps

Through hands-on work with real live animals, teenagers learn surgical skills, physical exams, and other awesome veterinary skills.

Learn more about Vet Camp

Teenage triathlon competitor in UCalgary club

Youth Triathlon

This camp develops valuable training skills for all sports with a focus on proper swimming, biking, and running techniques. Highly trained coaches find the balance between training and creating a sense of belonging to a team.

Learn more about Youth Triathlon Camp

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Summer Camps Brochure PDF

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