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Racquet Programs

Take a swing at a new thing

Racquet programs at the University of Calgary are the perfect way to try out a new sport and get off on the right foot.

Already know what you're doing? We have programs for the seasoned squash player too. 

Racquet Program at UCalgary

Racquet Programs

Introduction to Squash

Never played squash before? If you want to try it out in a small class setting, let our coaches teach you the rules and basics skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

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Ladies Only Squash

Come enjoy an evening out, ladies. These fun sessions will focus on the rules, learning the basic skills and techniques. Beginner to Intermediate levels welcome. 

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Next Step After Introduction

If you have been playing Squash regularly for a couple of years or have taken our Introduction lessons then this is the program for you. Continue to develop your game, learn and practice the variety of shot selections

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Squash - Intermediate & Advanced (No Winter 2023 offerings)

Our certified instructors will focus on footwork, drills, technique and strategy. This course is only for Intermediate to Advance players (Level A – Open).

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Private Lessons

Our Certified instructors have extensive experience playing and coaching squash. No matter your level, private lessons are customized to develop participant’s enjoyment of the game by improving racquet skills, court movement, game strategy and overall fitness.

For more information contact racquet@ucalgary.ca

Squash Box League (University of Calgary Students & Members Only)

Squash Box League encourage friendly competition among a variety of players and helps players find opponents at their approximate skill level. Players can schedule their own matches against all the opponents in their ‘box’ and post their own results on Club Locker.

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Join us for a series of lessons intended for players new to Pickleball. Once you have completed these lessons you will have a solid foundation to start your Pickleball journey. You will learn pickleball etiquette, how to play safely, proper shot techniques and shot selection, correct court positioning and movement,  and gain an understanding of basic Pickleball Strategies. 

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