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Adult Gymnastics Programs

All skill levels welcome

You don't have to be a former gymnast to join a class at the University of Calgary. We invite those age 17 and up who are new to gymnastics and with prior experienced, to find a program that suits their needs. 

The University of Calgary Gymnastics Centre Main Campus location can be found in the basement of the Kinesiology B complex.

University of Calgary gymnastics class handstand progression
UCalgary Gymnastics class handstand

Questions? Email gymnast@ucalgary.ca or call 403-220-7010

Adult Gymnastics Programs

Blazing Stars

This structured program divides participants based on ability into Beginner and Experienced classes. By following a rotational schedule, each participant will train on all the apparatus within the Gymnastics Centre. Participants will collaborate with their coach to help reach their individuals goals.

The skills presented during these sessions will be based on the Dominant Movement Patterns of gymnastics including - landings, rotations, springs, statics, and swings.

Students, check out the student super saver classes! 

Unsupported inversions will be based on individual coach assessment.

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Gymnastic Fitness

Unlock the strength and mental resilience of gymnasts with our unique training class. Experience a dynamic 45-minute session using gym apparatus for strength, stamina, flexibility, and coordination. Incorporating bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, and sliders, the class offers engaging circuits and intervals suitable for all fitness levels. Strengthen your body with the fun and challenge of gymnast-inspired workouts!

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