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Come put your mind in motion! Have fun this year in Minds in Motion programs that are designed to foster an excitement about the fascinating worlds of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Minds in Motion offers clubs, camps, workshops, outreach and professional development programs year-round. 

These programs are being offered at the University of Calgary by Active Living and The Schulich School of Engineering. 

Please note that the activities listed are subject to change and are presented as examples only. 

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Minds in Motion camp with University of Calgary
Minds in Motion camp with University of Calgary

Minds in Motion is a Network Member of Actua. Actua provides training, resources and support to its national network of members located at universities and colleges across Canada in the delivery of STEM education outreach programming. Each year, these members engage over 350,000 youth in 500 communities communities nationwide. Visit Actua at actua.ca to learn more.

Minds in Motion at the University of Calgary
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Minds in Motion Summer Camps

Join us for a captivating week of scientific exploration! Campers will explore multiple fascinating areas of discovery by dissecting owl pellets, constructing simple machines, and unravelling the mysteries of fossils. Engage in the excitement of learning through observing chemical reactions and unleash your creativity as you program robots using bursts of colours. Campers will discover the different aspects of STEM through an immersive blend of games, captivating stories, hands-on experiments, and exciting activities. Put on your lab coats, embrace the spirit of inquiry, and prepare for a memorable week of learning through fun!


*Please note: Early Minds A, B and C are all different camps but share similar themes.

Engage in a week of hands-on exploration where campers will investigate the technologies that harness hydro, wind, thermal, chemical, and solar power to fuel homes and vehicles. Dive into the evolution of energy tech as we chart a course towards a sustainable future! Campers will apply their knowledge to design and construct an energy-efficient city, and delve into robotics by designing and programming using LEGO SPIKE® robots. Spark your curiosity for engineering and discover the thrilling possibilities of a future where innovation and sustainability intertwine.

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Curious about the world of engineering? Join Engineering 101 and spend a week investigating what it means to be an engineer at the University of Calgary and beyond. Explore the different paths you can take with engineering and challenge yourself by tackling real-world problems with innovative solutions using your newly gained understanding of the engineering design process. Campers will get to experience the thrill of designing and programming their own LEGO® SPIKE® robot, will use 3D printing and immersive VR technology, and gain hands-on experience with different chemical reactions and materials.  Join us for a week of excitement and unleash your inner scientific mind in the thrilling realm of engineering.

LEGO® SPIKE® are registered trademarks which do not sponsor, authorise, or endorse this program.

Ignite your scientific curiosity and come put your minds in motion! Delve into the fascinating realms of STEM, exploring the elements below us and the world above. This thrilling week is designed for you to blend creativity with technical skills through a variety of hands-on activities and challenges. Engage in scientific concepts, apply the engineering design process, and enjoy exciting experiences such as dissections, chemical reactions, and an introduction to coding with LEGO® SPIKE® robotics. Come get excited about engineering as a future career and get ready for some fun with STEM! We welcome and encourage all female-identifying campers to join us for this enriching experience.

LEGO® SPIKE® are registered trademarks which do not sponsor, authorise, or endorse this program.

Indulge your passion for tech and immerse yourself in the exciting realm of emerging technologies! Join us for a week dedicated to exploring software and electrical engineering, where inventive solutions and hands-on activities await. Delve into the world of computer software programs, circuit designs, robotics, and VR, applying your newfound knowledge to real-life scenarios. Improve your problem-solving skills in this engaging environment full of hands-on activities and challenges including designing and programming with LEGO® SPIKE® robotics. Join us on this electrifying adventure and unlock the potential of the ever-evolving tech landscape!

LEGO® SPIKE® are registered trademarks which do not sponsor, authorise, or endorse this program.

Join us on a  journey into the world of natural science, and let your curiosity take the lead! This dynamic camp is designed to change the way you perceive the world around you through engaging hands-on experiments and demonstrations. Explore the wonders of chemical reactions, conduct a dissection, and unlock the mysteries of biology, chemistry, and physics. This immersive experience goes beyond textbooks, providing a tangible understanding of the natural world. So, grab your lab coats and prepare for a week of fun-filled learning that promises to unveil many secrets of the world around us!

Is your child ready to move beyond riddles and puzzles and take on a new challenge? Dive into an engaging adventure game camp where immersive puzzles, clues, riddles, and mysteries await, putting problem-solving skills to the test. In this collaborative and strategy-focused camp, participants will learn the art of creating and solving a series of puzzles with a specific goal in mind within a limited timeframe. Throughout the week, campers will tackle challenges, explore virtual escape rooms, and even try their hand at engineering a real escape game. Join us at Engscape Room camp for an exciting journey and unleash your inner code breaker!

Is your child ready to enhance their coding skills? Our coding camp offers campers the chance to become innovative coders, delving into the foundations of digital literacy, coding, and programming. Through hands-on activities they will develop their understanding of logic, computational thinking, artificial intelligence and universal coding languages. Campers will utilize programs like Scratch to code their own games, TinkerCAD to grasp 3D printing principles, and Minecraft to enhance problem-solving by developing automated farms and redstone circuits! Join us this summer to kick-start your child's programming journey.

Elevate your coding skills by mastering the basics of coding logic and digital literacy, learn about AI, and create your very own 3D model. Engage your creativity as you build and design your own games, gaining hands-on experience with diverse programs such as Scratch, TinkerCAD, and Minecraft to expand your computer technology knowledge. This summer, step into the fascinating world of computer programming and join us for a week of innovation and fun! We welcome and encourage all female-identifying campers—come and be part of this empowering coding experience!

Embark on a magical adventure with STEMagic, where science meets enchantment! In this week-long camp, aspiring young magicians will uncover the secrets behind magic tricks, making objects disappear, experimenting with chemical reactions, and creating their own magic show. Additionally, campers will become myth-busters, using science to confirm or debunk intriguing myths and urban legends. From the dark side of the moon to the age-old question of elephants fearing mice, STEMagic combines the excitement of magic with the thrill of scientific discovery, offering a unique and engaging STEM experience for all.

Join us this summer to indulge your love for games and discover the art of game development by unleashing your Gaming-mind! Combining creativity and logic, design and develop your own games, both indoors and outdoors. Campers will explore the different areas of game development, from building and playing their own board games to learning the art of storyboarding, character design, and coding using game engines. Additionally, they'll have the chance to participate in outdoor activities, and will get to construct their own "Olympic" games. Aspiring gamers will use the design thinking process to prototype their creations and bring their imaginative ideas into reality!

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