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Kids and youth programs come with free parking included during the time of the sessions. 

Encourage your child's love of skating early on with these physical literacy-based programs. At the University of Calgary, skating lessons start at age 3. These lessons give a great start on their edgework, especially for kids going into hockey, ringette or figure skating as they get older. 

For little sports stars who don't want the pressure of community hockey, our Kids Hockey program is a fun and positive recreational program where they'll learn skills and scrimmage.

Advance the confidence of your hockey or ringette player with power skating.

Kids' skating lessons at University of Calgary
Figure skating class at UCalgary

Youth Skating and Hockey

Icetots | Ages 3-5

First timer? Help your child discover skating. With a parent, kids will learn how to balance, fall down and get up, walk forwards and backwards while having fun and playing games. Parents who are not confident on skates may wear shoes on the ice until skaters can move around on their own. To preserve ice cleanliness, they must be clean, indoor shoes.

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Kinderskate | Ages 3-5

For kids who can fall down and get up, balance, and skate forwards all by themselves, this level is for kids who do not need a parent’s help or have passed Icetots. With the help of one of our fun instructors, skaters will take the next steps and learn how to glide on one foot, skate forwards and backwards with glide, and stop with balance.

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Icecracker | Ages 3-5

For speedy skaters under 6, prepare for Kids Skate by skating faster, stronger and performing more challenging skills through age-appropriate circuit and games.

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Kids Skate Program | Ages 6+

Kids Skate 1

New skaters or those moving on from Tots Skate will enjoy this introductory lesson. Grouped according to ability, they will learn how to move forwards, backwards, stop, turn and glide with balance.

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Kids Skate 2

For Kids Skate 1 graduates, skaters will improve existing skills and learn new ones like t-pushes, bubbles and skating with more speed.

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Kids Skate 3

Have you passed Kids Skate 2? Emphasis in this level is backwards skating and stopping. Skaters will also learn how to turn from forwards to backwards and slide on a curve.

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Kids Skate 4

Kids will learn how to do more advanced skills like crossovers, c-cuts, 3-turns, and edge control. This level is for those who have passed Kids Skate 3 or equivalent.

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Kids Skate 5

Crossovers and 3-turns are the focus, but skaters will also improve their edge control and balance.

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Kids Skate 6

This is where skaters will learn backwards crossovers, mohawk turns, 3-jumps, and will improve skills learned in the previous level.

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Kids Skate 7

The focus in this level is on edge control, and learning how to connect steps and turns.

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Kids Skate 8

This final level has skaters doing tricky skills like shoot the duck, waltzing turns, and figure eight crossovers.

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STARSkate (formerly Rec Figure Skating)

Skills Tests Achievement Recognition | Partnering with SKATE WEST Skating School, this nationally recognized program offers the opportunity for all skaters to develop figure skating skills.

Unique in Canada, this program teaches figure skating in a group or private-lesson atmosphere in a progressive and sequential manner. Skaters will have the opportunity to take Skate Canada tests through a nationally standardized testing system.


Skaters can skip KidsSkate 5-8 and leap right into figure skating. In group lesson format, kids will learn fundamental skills that lead into step sequences, jumps, spins, and artistry.

In group or private lesson format, skaters will further their figure skating skills, learn ice dances, and create free skate programs. In addition to skating skills, kids will gain important life skills such as goal-setting, self-discipline, confidence, time management, healthy lifestyle and coping strategies for success and failure.

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Young hockey player at UCalgary
Kids Hockey program at UCalgary
Figure skater taking lessons at UCalgary

Kids Hockey and Power Skating

Please note: Power Skating is for skaters who already have basic skating skills. If your skater is new to Hockey or Ringette, please register them in a Kids Skate program.

Power Skating & Hockey Skills U7/U9

Does your child have the have the fundamental skating skills and is itching to play hockey? This class will provide your child with the opportunity to learn the basics of hockey in a fun environment. We will focus on skills such as passing, shooting, and puck handling, while reinforcing correct stick placement and posture. This program is also suitable for kids in Timbits, lower tier Novice, and House League players.

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Power Skating & Hockey Skills U9/U11

This class will be run like a full hockey practice, the first portion focusing on skating skill development, and the scecond portion will be hockey skills tailored to the skill level of the group. This program is for higher tier U9 players, and U11 players, (formerly Novice and Atom) as well as house league. We will divide the class into skill levels whenever necessary for more individualized instruction. 

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