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Access and Inclusion at Active Living

Active Living places a strong emphasis on access and inclusion, offering a range of facilities tailored to diverse needs. Our amenities include gender-neutral changerooms, showers, and washrooms. For those seeking wheelchair-accessible facilities and sensory sensitivity accommodations, we provide dedicated solutions. Additionally, we're proud to feature women-only weightlifting sessions and workouts. Experience a welcoming environment for all at Active Living.

Want to learn about our inclusive accommodations? Reach out to us.

inside gender neutral washroom
Gender Neutral Washrooms

Gender Neutral Washroom and Changeroom

Gender neutral change and shower rooms are available for use. Two private rooms with a sink, toilet and shower are located past the Kinesiology Client Services desk towards the Red and Gold Gyms, KNA 107W and KNA 108W.

If you wish to access the Aquatic Centre, please notify a Client Services staff member, and they will guide you to an alternative entrance.

a women weightlifting

Women's Only Open Gym Time

Starting October 16, 2023, we're offering a dedicated workout time in KNA17 for those who identify as women.

From 1:00pm to 3:00pm every Monday, enjoy a private and safe workout space separate from the main Fitness Centre.

This initiative is open to all students, staff, and faculty. Please note that space is limited and operates on a first-come-first-serve basis.

LIFT! Women's Only Small Group Training

Learn lifting technique, proper form, injury prevention, and more in a small women only group workshop! Expect instruction on the core lifts, including squats, deadlifts, lunges, bench press, overhead press and rows while using barbells, dumbbells, and other equipment. 

Are we meeting your inclusivity and accessibility needs? Please share suggestions for improvement.

Facilities with Accessibility Options

Wheelchair Accessibility

KNA 108W gender neutral change room includes a wheelchair-accessible shower.

Each gendered changeroom includes shower stalls designed for accessibility.  

Gender neutral and accessible washrooms are available in Kinesiology A Block. 

Our gymnasiums and the Gold Fitness Alcove are wheelchair accessible. 

The Fitness Centre's main floor has limited space for wheelchairs but can be accessed. Once you have checked in at the desk, the track level can be accessed by the elevator across the hall.

The Aquatic Centre have a lift to assist wheelchairs with entering the pool.

This would require you to bring your own assistant and alert the Aquatic Centre Staff two hours before arrival so they can bring it out on deck.

Contact crmember@ucalgary.ca for more information.

Wheelchairs may use the running Track and the ice surface during public times.

Please stay in one lane on the Track to allow people to pass.

To access the activity level, check in at the Oval desk, proceed to the elevator and go down to the basement. A telephone connects to the front desk; use that to call them, and they will open the doors remotely for you.

Sensory Sensitivity

Please contact our Membership Services Coordinator for a tour to introduce you to the spaces and discover what might be possible for you.