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Rehabilitation & Fitness Program

For persons with a chronic physical disability

Improve your independence as you rebuild strength and range motion with the University of Calgary's Rehabilitation and Fitness Program.

Specifically designed for persons with a chronic physical disability, participants receive an individually tailored program, which they then perform in a group setting with trainers and volunteers there to help.


UCalgary Rehab fitness client has his mobility session with trainer
UCalgary Rehab fitness member works on her strength training

New program members will go through these steps:


Orientations may be done on a one-to-one basis or with a small group. There will be an informal assessment of motor, cognitive and emotional abilities. A medical doctor may need to provide consent to the program if the exercise physiologist has any concerns. 

Program design

Participants will schedule a one-on-one session for program design, where a specific exercise routine will be prescribed to meet the needs and abilities of the individual. Please dress for exercise. 

Contact the program coordinator at 403.220.8112 to schedule your session.


Class times are scheduled twice a week for the duration of the semester. Classes are a maximum of 2 hours but some participants may finish early. There is a wide range of independence levels in the group, with volunteers present to help with some exercises. 

End of session

When the term is complete, participants are welcome to register for the next semester. Registrations do no carry over.

The program is very popular, so we recommend registering early. 

person helping rehab participant


The Rehabilitation and Fitness Program for Persons with Physical Disabilities is currently looking for volunteers to assist program participants with individual exercise programs. As you volunteer,  you will:

  • Assist participants with strength training and stretching techniques
  • Supervise participants during cardiovascular exercises
  • Keep participants motivated throughout sessions

No prior experience is required. An orientation will be provided. Volunteer today! Call 403.220.8112 or email rehab@ucalgary.ca or details.

Kinesiology students: practicum placements are available and can be applied to your program for credit.


Rehabilitation & Fitness Program


Individually designed programs are performed in a group setting. Runs twice a week for one semester. All programs are specifically designed to meet the individual’s goals, with strength training, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance and coordination. Program orientations are available upon request; please call 403.220.8112.


  • Participants must be 16 years of age or older
  • Have a chronic physical disability
  • Complete a registration form

Register for Rehabilitation & Fitness Program

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