a group of people stretching at the gold fitness alcove

Gold Fitness Alcove

Access the space through the Gold Gym. The Gold Fitness Alcove is only accessible during drop-in gym times.

a person running on a treadmill

Equipment Available

  • Medicine Balls
  • Wall balls
  • Kettle bells
  • Dumbbells
  • Battle rope
  • Exercise balls
  • Foam rollers
  • Chin/dip station
  • Turf and weight sled
  • Flipping tires
  • Self propelled treadmill
  • Spin bike
  • Ski ergometer

Access to the Gold Fitness Alcove is included with an Annual All-Access or Fitness Membership.
Students are All-Access members

The space is accessible through the Gold Gym and designed for functional fitness and circuit workouts. 

Gold Fitness Alcove was funded by Active Living in association with Students' Union A Quality Money Project.

Please be advised this is a featured space with glass windows. If you prefer your workout to be more private, please visit our Fitness Centre or Upper Tracks as an alternative location. 

people using multi function machines

Try our full body workout in the Gold Fitness Alcove

Upper Body Super Set

Lower Body Super Set

HIIT Cardio and Core

Cardio and Mobility

360 View of Gold Fitness Alcove