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UCalgary Minds in motion Bridge Building

Minds in Motion Bridge Building

Do you have what it takes to build a bridge that can hold up an apple? What about a bridge strong enough to hold up as many bananas as you can find? Test your architecture skills with this activity!


Download Bridge Building Instructions

Featured Videos

Physical activity is more fun with a community to share it with.
We hope you will be able to find a little support from these videos our Active Living experts are sharing with all of you. 

Egg Drop Experiment - Minds in Motion

DIY SCIENCE: Egg Drop Experiment is a simple science activity you can do at home (for cheap!) using things you likely already have. Find the instructions and more family activities by UCalgary Minds in Motion here:


Bicycle ABCDs with Nikko

Learn how to give your bicycle a quick inspection with Nikko from the UCalgary Outdoor Centre. You'll be cruising on Calgary's extensive paths in no time. 

Kid Weight Workout with Crystal

Kids too distracting to get your exercise in? Solution: use them in your workout! Why do you think moms are so strong? (Hint: carrying kids around builds a lot of muscle.)

Minds in Motion Kids Science Activities

Explore the fascinating world of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) from your own home. Find a list of experiments you can do yourself, including equipment list and all the instructions you need. Become an at-home scientist today.

Science experiments for kids at UCalgary

Countdown Workout

Sarah Barber – UCalgary personal trainer

This is called the countdown workout because you count your reps down by 2 every set. Can you get all the way down to 0?

Instructions: Do 20 reps of each exercise for one set. On each consecutive set, do 2 fewer reps (18, 16, 14, etc). Aim to get down to 2 reps of each exercise. 

Equipment required: none (bodyweight)  


  1. Squat Jump (or squat to heel raise)
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. Plank up-downs
  4. Forward lunges
  5. Alternating toe touch (on your back)

Watch the video for a full explanation of how to safely do each exercise.


Trainer Sarah demonstrates each move of the Countdown Workout. This workout is suitable for beginners, but you can easily add weights to make it more challenging.

Be Fit For Life - Active at Home

University of Calgary partner Be Fit For Life has a long list of resources to offer. Check out their fitness guide for activity at home during the pandemic, and their list of activity ideas for kids and adults.

Visit Be Fit For Life

Exercises for limited mobility

For those who struggle with mobility issues, this resource details effective exercises for those who might not have a full range of motion. 

Learn more

Live Zoom Workouts: Active in the Atrium

Join a fitness class as it's broadcast live from UCalgary fitness instructors. Workouts are Monday and Thursday at noon. 

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Webinar: Keeping a grip on fitness

With gyms and parks closed, how do we maintain our physical health? Dr. Patricia Doyle-Baker reviews the key attributes of fitness and how to stay strong while keeping your distance. 

Listen to the previously recorded session