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Birthday Parties

with UCalgary Active Living

Mini University Birthday Parties

September - June

Please note that we are not able to offer Birthday Parties in July and August because our summer camp programs are running at that time.

Mini University is excited to offer your family two unforgettable birthday parties! Parties are hosted in Kinesiology on Saturday and Sunday at 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. and 2:30-4:30 p.m.

Each party is 2 hours long: 90 minutes will be for activities and 30 minutes will be provided for food, cake and presents. You can bring your own food and please bring a cooler if you would like to keep food cold. Activities and food will take place in the same room (except gym games). We recommend you book your party 6-8 weeks in advance and we will be in contact within 5 business days.

Here are the new changes that we have implemented this year:

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided to all participants.
  • Everyone should please bring their own mask with them.
  • Party guests will be dropped off and picked up at a designated parking point. Their parents are not able to stay at the party this year unfortunately.
  • Only parents of the birthday child will receive a parking pass. 
  • Families can invite up to 11 party guests for both parties!
Lego brick builders event at UCalgary

Choose from two party themes:

LEGO® Builders

This party features fun solo and group building challenges in our multi-purpose studio. Activities will be tailored to your child’s interests and facilitated by two of our experienced instructors. Some options include seeing who can build the tallest tower or the strongest bridge, building a name wall, recreating your favourite food or animal and/or making a marble maze run.

Gym Games

This party features playing sports & games together in one of the gyms on campus. Activities will be tailored to your child’s interests and facilitated by two of our experienced instructors. Some options include dodgeball, parachute games, archery, capture the flag, kickball, relay races, floor hockey and soccer. (Limited availability)

The cost for the party is $225 and includes:

Kids playing outside
  • Adult Supervision and facilitation by our two Birthday Party Hosts so parents have the option to leave and come back
  • Generic decorations our staff set up 90 minutes before the party begins. You can bring additional decorations 15 minutes before the party starts.
  • A parking pass for you for the length of the party that you will receive by email when you register along with a map showing how to get to the party location.
  • For an additional $25 we can provide disposable food ware including plates, cutlery, cups and tablecloths. Please indicate this on the Birthday Party Request Form.

To book your party, please complete the Mini University Birthday Party Request Form.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Cochrane Gymnastics Birthday Parties

The kids will be turning cartwheels when you book a gymnastics birthday! We provide 2 trained instructors to supervise your group of up to 22 children. Parties are booked on Sundays, Start times are: 10:00 am, 11:30 am, 1:00 pm,  OR 2:30 pm.

Each party is 2 hours long: 1 hour of supervised free time in the gym, and 1 hour for everyone to enjoy cake and present opening in the party area. Our staff is happy to clean up when it’s done. 

You are welcome to bring cake, ice-cream, and any other food or non-alcoholic beverage into the facility. We do not have a refrigerator but you are welcome to bring a cooler.

This is a very popular program, so plan to book about 8 to 12 weeks ahead.

The UCalgary Cochrane Gymnastics Centre is located at the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre, 800 Griffin Rd E, Cochrane, AB.

Girls having fun at UCalgary Gymnastics Cochrane

Helpful hints:

Parental help

Children under the age of 4 require a parent with them during gym time to help them safely get the most fun out of the activities.

Special needs

Children with special needs require a 1:1 ratio with a parent or other supervising adult for safety reasons.

Water breaks

As we allow up to 22 children for our birthday parties, bathroom and water breaks need to be parent supervised.

Remove footwear

We have a NO shoes or socks rule in our gym. Please have parents and children remove all footwear and place it on shoe racks before you enter the gym.

The cost for the party is $195 plus tax, and includes:

UCalgary Cochrane Gymnastics Centre overhead view
  • Adult supervision for up to 22 children
  • Qualified instructor supervision to help you safely use our gymnastics apparatus
  • Free time to roam and play in our gym
  • Use of our party area with tables and chairs.  (Light decorating such as table cloths, table decorations etc works well) 

To book your unforgettable Cochrane Gymnastics birthday party, contact Active Living Client Services at 403.220.7749 or book online. 

For more information, email or call 403.932.7373.