Kids Swimming Programs

Swimming lessons for all ages and abilities

Kids and youth programs come with free parking included during the time of the sessions. 

As a Red Cross training partner, the University of Calgary Aquatic Centre offers lessons for children as young as 4 months, all the way up to teens and adults. It's never to late to learn how to swim.

Kids' swimming lessons run on specific Saturdays in the fall, winter and spring. Pool temperature is increased to 84 degrees Fahrenheit to make it comfortable for our tiniest swimmers.

Does your child have special needs? Scroll down to see our Private Swimming Programs for swimmers with disabilities.

Girl swimming laps in UCalgary pool
Baby playing in UCalgary pool

Parented Swimming Lessons (4-24 months)

Levels progress in this order: Starfish > Duck > Seaturtle

Starfish | 4-12 months

In this introductory class, you and your baby will explore the fun world of water. Your baby will experience buoyancy, movement, entries, and enjoy participating in songs and playing in the water.

Babies must be able to hold their head up.

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Duck | 12-24 months

Your older baby/toddler will have lots of fun building confidence in the water. You both will have a blast with games, songs, and active water play led by a fun instructor.

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Seaturtle | 24-36 months

Join your toddler in the pool while she/he builds confidence in the water. Your toddler will have fun with newfound friends while becoming more independent in the water. This is a great transitional class preparing your little swimmer for lessons on their own.

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Starfish/Duck/Sea Turtle 4-36 months

This parented class combines Red Cross Preschool Levels: Starfish, Duck and Sea Turtle. Babies and toddlers between 4-36 months can participate in this class. The goals for this course are to help swimmers experience buoyancy and movement through songs and play in the water and to teach the parent/caregiver age-specific water safety. 

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Preschool Swimming Programs (3-6 years)

Levels progress in this order: Sea Otter > Salamander > Sunfish > Crocodile > Whale

Sea Otter | 3-6 years

Toddlers and preschoolers build independence and confidence in
this fun class while mom and dad watch from the poolside. They’ll discover the fun of experiencing the water on their own through games, songs and active water play, in preparation for the adventures in the Salamander class.

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Salamander | 3-6 years

Preschoolers will make a splash and take their swimming to the
next level! They’ll learn new swimming skills including floats and
glides through games and songs. They’ll even learn to jump into
chest-deep water!

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Sunfish | 3-6 years

Forget the dog paddle, preschoolers get to work on real strokes and skill progressions! They get water smart while learning good judgment in, on and around the water and learn how to enter and float in the water.

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Crocodile | 3-6 years

Preschoolers will really get moving in this class while they learn independent glides, kicking in deep water and building endurance by increasing distance
for front and back swims. They’ll have fun with the dolphin kick and newfound
synchro skills.

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Whale | 3-6 years

Preschoolers learn to swim independently and participate in fun team games. They’ll improve their skills and increase distance in front and back swims. They’ll also learn about throwing assists to help swimmers in trouble.

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Swim Kids (6 years+)

Red Cross Swim Kids | Levels 1-10

This program for school-aged children will help swimmers develop all six swimming strokes (front and back crawl, elementary back stroke, breaststroke, butterfly and sidestroke), actively learn how to be safe around the water, and increase their fitness and endurance through fun activities.

If you are not sure which level your child should take, please call the registration line at 403.220.7749.

Level 1  |  Level 2  |  Level 3  |  Level 4  |  Level 5 

Level 6  |  Level 7  |  Level 8  |  Level 9  |  Level 10

Teen Aquatics

Teen Swim Workout | 10-17 years

Take your swimming to the next level and learn to make the most of all your aquatic workouts! If you are a proficient swimmer and want to refine your skills
and fitness or need to prepare for aquatic certifications or competitions,
this program is for you. This class is also a great stroke improvement class for candidates in levels 7, 8, 9, and 10.

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Private Swimming Programs

Adapted Private Swim Classes | 3-16 years

The Red Cross Learn-to-Swim for swimmers with disabilities provides important water safety and swimming skills to individuals at higher risk for injury and incidents around water. The UCalgary adaptive aquatics program provides positive physical, motor, social, and emotional benefits for swimmers with diverse abilities. Instructors will work with swimmers and their families to provide an encouraging experience. Parents/guardians will fill out an assessment form prior to the lessons.

Pool temperature on Sundays is approximately 27 degrees Celsius / 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Private Swimming Lessons

Working with a certified water safety instructor, children will work on the skills in the Red Cross Swim Kids or Preschool Program. This one-on-one experience can be adapted to a child’s individual skills and abilities.

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