Minds in Motion Remote Workshops

School/Organization Remote Workshops

Is your school or organization looking for remote virtual engagement for your students? Minds in Motion is now offering free-of-cost STEM workshops for your remote classroom. These workshops are recommended for elementary grades. Please see below for more information and to sign-up.

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UCalgary Minds in Motion
UCalgary Minds in Motion workshop

UCalgary Minds in Motion Building Blocks Workshop

Building Blocks - Remote Workshop

Recommend for Grades 1 – 4

No hard hats or steel-toe boots required at this construction site! Your class will become civil engineers, as they learn about different shapes and their respective strengths. Examples from current and historical buildings will be demonstrated. Students will design their own tower or bridge using their knowledge of strengthening components such as trusses and bases. How strong will your students designs be?

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UCalgary Minds in Motion Encryption Workshop

Encryption - Remote Workshop

Recommend for Grades 2 – 5

Your students will begin to unravel the mystery of encryptions through current and historical examples. They will learn not only how computers protect vital information, but they'll create their own secret message that only people with the correct key can unlock!

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UCalgary Minds in Motion Programming with Scratch Workshop

Programming with Scratch - Remote Workshop

Recommend for Grades 3 – 6

Students will receive an introduction to coding in this workshop. Through a drag-and-drop interactive format, students will put their problem-solving and creativity skills to the test. Working through challenges, students will develop the skills needed to build their very own online games!

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Foundation for 3D Printing

Foundation for 3D Printing

Bring your imagination to life as you build 3D printable objects in this interactive virtual workshop! Students will learn how designers, engineers and architects utilize computer assisted drafting to generate their 3D designs through the online platform TinkerCAD ®. 3D printing empowers and inspires solutions and designs to real world problems. This includes anything from large scale buildings to the inner workings of car parts to prosthetic arms and so much more. Join us and learn to design, build and create your very own 3D models in this online workshop. 

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Coding Minds

Coding Minds – Minecraft

Are your students or children looking to optimize their performance in coding? If you are new to Minecraft, this three part online workshop will be perfect to get you into this wonderful open world. Kids will have the opportunity to become innovative coders and explore the foundations of digital literacy, coding and programming in an online environment. They will learn to develop their understanding of logic, computational thinking and universal coding languages in Minecraft. We will focus on everything from modding the game to learning about redstone circuits and beyond. Join us virtually this winter to dive deeper into the world of Minecraft!

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