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School/Organization Workshops

Is your school or organization looking for curricular connecting STEM workshops for your students? Minds in Motion offers a variety of STEM workshops both virtually and in-person for kindergarten to grade 12 classrooms. Thanks to CanCode funding all technology based workshops will be free of charge for the 2022/2023 School year! 

To find out more about our programs and book our outreach programs, please email workshops@mindsucalgary.ca

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UCalgary Minds in Motion

AI in Action

AI in Action

Virtual and in-person
Recommended for Grades 6 – 10

Is artificial intelligence going to take over the world? In this workshop students will learn how the field of artificial intelligence is growing everyday! Discover how computers are able to learn in similar ways humans do to sort through images and progressively identify new objects. Students will have the opportunity to learn how AI impacts a variety of different workforces such as, agriculture, retail, healthcare and entertainment. But is there a downside to artificial intelligence? Book our “AI in Action” workshop to find out!

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Building Blocks

Building Blocks - Workshop

Virtual and in-person
Recommended for Grades 1 – 4

No hard hats or steel-toe boots required at this construction site! Your class will become civil engineers, as they learn about different shapes and their respective strengths. Examples from current and historical buildings will be demonstrated. Students will design their own tower or bridge using their knowledge of strengthening components such as trusses and bases. How strong will your students designs be?

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UCalgary Minds in Motion Encryption Workshop

Encryption - Workshop

Virtual and in-person
Recommended for Grades 2 – 5

Your students will begin to unravel the mystery of encryptions through current and historical examples. They will learn not only how computers protect vital information, but they'll create their own secret message that only people with the correct key can unlock!

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UCalgary Minds in Motion Programming with Scratch Workshop

Programming with Scratch - Workshop

Virtual and in-person
Recommended for Grades 3 – 6

Students will receive an introduction to coding in this workshop. Through a drag-and-drop interactive format, students will put their problem-solving and creativity skills to the test. Working through challenges, students will develop the skills needed to build their very own online games!

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Foundation for 3D Printing

Foundation for 3D Printing

Virtual and In-person
Recommended for Grades 5 – 9 

Bring your imagination to life as you build 3D printable objects in this interactive workshop! Students will learn how designers, engineers and architects utilize computer assisted drafting to generate their 3D designs through the online platform TinkerCAD ®. 3D printing empowers and inspires solutions and designs to real world problems. This includes anything from large scale buildings to the inner workings of car parts to prosthetic arms and so much more. Join us and learn to design, build and create your very own 3D models in this workshop. 

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Digging for Dino's

Digging for Dino’s

In-person Only
Recommended for Pre-K - Grade 1

We invite you and your paleontologists in-training to travel back in time to learn more about the pre-historic creatures that roamed the Earth. Students will become captivated as they participate in this hands-on workshop that will expand their knowledge of dinosaurs and inspire them to use their imaginations. ROAR!         

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Electrifying Electricity

Electrifying Electricity

In-person Only
Recommended for grades 3-6

What is electricity and how is it used? Students gain insight into the electrifying world of electricity. This problem-solving workshop will focus on simple circuits, its components and applications. Your classes’ knowledge will be enhanced through an interactive building challenge. This high voltage workshop will leave the students amped-up for more!         

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Mim Tech

MiM Tech

In-person Only
Recommended for grades 4-9

What more could you ask for than, electricity, computers, and robots? Students will learn about circuits and the application of robotics in society. In this two-hour workshop students will work in teams to design a robot using Lego Mindstorms.  Once complete, the students will then program the robots to perform various tasks. 

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Programing with Sphero

Programming with Sphero

In-person Only
Recommended for Grades 3-6

Allow us to inspire your students' interests in robotics and programming with our friend SphereO! Programming has never been so fun and interactive with SphereO's drop and drag interface. Students will help their new robot friend maneuver through a self-created maze using their new found coding skills!

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Coding with Microbit

Coding with Micro:bit

In-person Only
Recommended for Grades 6 – 9 

Do you have an interest in coding and game design? Join us for an intro in drag and drop block coding to create your own game using Micro:bits! Micro:bits are a pocket sized computer that offer users the opportunity to see how software and hardware come together to create some of your favorite games! As you dive into the basics of coding you will see you are able to re-create timeless games such as rock, paper, scissors and flappy bird.

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Ozobots and Encryption

Ozobots and Encryption

In-person Only
Recommended for grades 1-4

Your students will learn how to code using colours! Students will learn how to speak the language of computers through tiny robots and are sure to become producers, not just users of technology! Students will also begin to unravel the mystery of encryptions through current and historical examples. They will learn not only how computers protect vital information, but they'll create their own secret message that only people with the correct key can unlock!

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Awesome Adaptations

Awesome Adaptations

In person Only
Recommended for Grades K-6

Ever wonder why rabbits turn white in the winter and brown in the summer? And why is it that we don't see lions and tigers in Canada but we do see bears? Join us as we explore the different habitats found in our amazing world and the awesome adaptations that plants and animals have grown to thrive in them! We will then use our brains - and a bit of electricity - to bring to life our very own adapted creatures using the marvelous powers of Makey Makeys and Scratch coding.

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Body Forces

Body Forces

In person Only
Recommended for Grades 5-8

Have you ever used your hands and arms to pick up and hold something heavy or your legs and feet to jump? Maybe you’ve stood on one leg, practiced some parkour moves, or even successfully completed a cartwheel! If you’ve done any of the above then you’ve physically demonstrated the powerful nature of your own body following the rules of physics. In this workshop we’ll explore the physics of movement, including the multiple forces our bodies fight against and yield to allow us to achieve many amazing feats of nature including balancing on a bike, climbing mountains, and running marathons. Afterwards, we will become biomedical engineers and create our own man-made limb to demonstrate what we learned in action!

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Breadboarding and Arduinos

Breadboarding and Arduinos

In person Only
Recommended for Grades 9-12 

Let’s put our knowledge of coding and technology to the test! Students will program different functions onto microcontrollers that will be used to power circuits in series and parallel on breadboards!

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