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The first step to exploring what a healthy lifestyle looks like to you!

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TrymGym is a community focused movement and nutrition program. Throughout the 8 weeks you will have a chance to connect with others, learn from your coach, and build a new active routine!

Whether you are new to fitness and nutrition principles, or you have had experience in the past, this program is designed to provide you with a sustainable option on your wellness journey.

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The TrymGym initial program includes:

One-on-one consultation

Before the program begins, you will meet with your trainer to discuss your needs and goals, as well as go over a few standard fitness tests. All assessments are catered to your unique goals and are individualized to meet you where you are at. Following the program, you will revisit these same tests to measure your progress.

8 weeks of classes

The initial 8-week program includes small group training sessions twice a week. Trainer-led workouts are designed to help you meet your daily activity guidelines with resistance and cardiovascular training in a supportive, non-intimidating environment.

Qualified professionals

Your fitness journey will be led by highly knowledgeable personal trainers with advanced certifications through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. You’ll also take part in two presentations by a Registered Dietician and be provided with on-going email support throughout the program.

Fitness membership

Included with your registration is a free membership to the UCalgary Fitness Centre, so you are welcome to access the facility outside of the class times. 

*Please note: TrymGym Follow-up programs do not include the one on one assessment, or the membership to the UC Fitness Centre.

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TrymGym initial program

Throughout the 8 weeks you will become apart of the TrymGym community through twice weekly classes, workouts that are designed to meet each person at their individual fitness level, and qualified trainers who make fitness fun! Along with group fitness, the initial program also includes two one on one assessments to help give you benchmarks and track your progress. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to attend two nutrition presentations led by a registered dietician, as well as email access to ask questions and clarify information.

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TrymGym Follow-up

After you’ve completed the TrymGym initial program, continue to stay active and meet your weekly physical activity goals with our follow-up classes. These twice weekly small group training sessions with our highly qualified trainers are designed to help you continue the progress you’ve made, promoting lifelong physical activity, and keeping you motivated.

Prerequisite: TrymGym initial program  

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