Aquatic Programs

It's never too late to learn to swim

Whether you're most at home when you're in the water, or you're scared to even dip your baby toe, the University of Calgary Aquatic Centre is the place to find programs to help meet your swimming goals.

Adult lessons are generally held on Saturday mornings, as well as Monday and Wednesday nights in the fall, winter and spring. Pool temperature is held at about 80-82 degrees Fahrenheit. These lessons are only available to adults.

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Adult Swimming Classes

If you are unsure of the correct level for you, please call 403.210.7832 to schedule a swim assessment.

Adult Swim Basics 1

We help increase your comfort level and confidence in the water through floats, glides, kicking and swimming. Work with your Water Safety Instructor to set goals and develop your swimming skills. This class offers an introduction to swimming with a focus on front swim.

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Adult Swim Basics 2

Work with your Water Safety Instructor to set goals to develop your swimming skills. This course focuses on developing the front and back crawl, establishing comfort in deep water, and increasing the swimming distance. Recommended that Swim Basics level 1 is completed before registering in this level.

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Adult Swim Strokes

We help you develop one or more swimming strokes, working toward proficiency and increased endurance. Work with your Water Safety Instructor to choose the strokes and set your goals and priorities. If you are interested in developing your strokes so that you can increase your fitness and endurance, this is the ideal course for you. Red Cross Swim Strokes is for people 15 and older, who have experience swimming in deep water. If you are unsure if this is the correct level for you, please call 403.210.7832 to schedule a swim assessment.

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Adult Swim Workout

Do you want to challenge your current aquatic skills? Join the Red Cross Swim Workout class and learn techniques to bring your strokes to the next level. All participants must be able to swim 400 metres comfortably, be comfortable in deep water, and be able to perform front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke. If you are unsure if this class is for you, call 403.210.7832.

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Adult Private Swim Lessons

Working with a certified Water Safety Instructor, adult swimmers can work on skills in the Red Cross Swim Basics, Swim Strokes, or Sport Program. Whether you are looking for advancements in your workout or a little extra help, this one-on-one experience can surely provide it! 

Classes are generally offered Monday and/or Wednesday nights for 30 minutes.

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UCalgary CANswim

Throughout the year, UCalgary Active Living offers free swim lessons to the UCalgary campus community and the public. Geared towards those with little or no swimming experience, participants will learn how to safely enter the water, how to rollover and float, as well as how to kick and swim to safety. Fearful swimmers can take their time entering the water, with trained swim instructors there to help you feel comfortable. 

UCalgary CANswim sessions are pop-up classes that appear throughout the year. Please check back frequently for availability.

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