Fitness Class Calendar

TBA | 12:05-12:55pm

TUESDAY: Chiseled

Build strength, endurance and definition using bars, plates and free weights in this effective group weight-training program. The weight room comes into the studio to transform your body using all major muscle groups. Focus is on technique, precision and getting you results! 
Instructor: Annie | Locations: Fitness Studio (KNA 170)

WEDNESDAY: Fifty-Minute Fitness  

Get your fifty-minute fitness fix! You’ll get an effective full-body workout including a variety of cardio followed by resistance/core training and a relaxing stretch, perfect for those on a tight schedule who want to squeeze in fitness over the lunch hour.       
Instructor: GC | Location: KNB 070


This more dynamic vinyasa style class incorporates traditional poses with creative sequencing to allow for a more varied practice. Your focus is on breath, building full-body strength and flexibility, and proper body alignment. Postures will flow from one to another with many modifications given for all levels.          
Instructor: Pam | Location: Multipurpose Studio (KNA 162)

FRIDAY: Hard Core Express

This functional fitness workout is designed to strengthen and tone your core.  Bodyweight, free weights, stability balls, flex bands and more will be used to strengthen the muscles, including abs, back and pelvis. The focus will be on proper form and safely pushing your personal limits.
Instructor: Stephanie | Location: Fitness Studio (KNA 170)

Yoga planking at UCalgary

How it works

We don't have special passes this time. Swing by Client Services (KNA 104) the day of the class to purchase an Active Living Day Pass for $10.50. They will give you a wristband — you don't have to wear it! Take it to the fitness class as proof of purchase, and enjoy your workout.

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