Active Living Response to COVID-19

Virtual programs are now open. We will continue to keep you updated on our re-opening plans in accordance with AHS restrictions. Visit here for details. 

FAQ - updated April 12, 2021

Q: How do recent restrictions impact Active Living programs?

Active Living is currently reviewing a safe reopening plan for scheduled programs and private bookings in accordance with the new AHS restrictions. Virtual fitness classes and approved youth sport programs will continue as scheduled.

Q: My program is suspended. When will it resume? 

You will be notified by email. Please ensure your personal and emergency contact information is up to date in our system.

Q: My program is cancelled. How can I get a credit/refund?

A credit for cancelled programs will automatically be added to your account. For questions or concerns on refunds, please email

Q: Is the Fitness Centre open?

The Fitness Centre will remain closed due to budget limitations and AHS restrictions. The University of Calgary was required to abide by the provincial guidelines throughout the pandemic, which meant the Fitness Centre and other recreation facilities were required to be closed for extended periods of time. As a result, the university has not charged the campus recreation fee since the 2020 winter term. This fee supports the base funding and operations of these facilities, and is what allows the university to offer all-access membership benefits to students on campus.



Q: How do I use the Fitness Centre?

When we are able to reopen, all Fitness Centre visits must be made through the online booking system.  To gain access to the booking system, please login to your Active Living account to sign your Covid-19 membership waiver.   Please follow the booking guidelines to make an appointment. You will need to fill out the online Covid-19 screening questionnaire in your Active Living account each visit prior to your appointment.  Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your timeslot. You must adhere to your timeslot, no exceptions.  For waiver, booking and Covid-19 screening troubleshooting please contact the Fitness Desk at 403-220-5185 or email

Q: How do I book online? 

Please view the booking guidelines and scheduling tool HERE.  For waiver, booking and Covid-19 screening troubleshooting please contact the Fitness Desk at 403-220-5185 or email

Q: What hours is the Fitness Centre open? 

Operational hours will be determined at a later date.

Q: Where do I change and leave my belongings?

The locker rooms and showers are currently closed. Please arrive in your workout gear and bring any personal belongings with you into the gym. Personal belongings must be kept with you at all times (beside your machine or in your socially distant square. Bathrooms are available in the Kinesiology building if you would like to change there, though this is not recommended.

Q: What additional COVID-19 safety changes have been made? 

  • You are required to fill out a Membership Waiver form on your Active Living account (one-time), and an online COVID-19 questionnaire on the day of your booking before you enter the Fitness Centre. The questionnaire must be done every single time you enter the Fitness Centre, not just your first time.
  • Users will be required to wear a mask at ALL TIMES while in the Fitness Centre, including while exercising
  • Every single person will be given their own sanitization spray bottle and towel. All equipment must be wiped before and after use. 
  • Available machines have been spaced out so that you are at minimum 6 feet from the next person.
  • Free weight and stretching areas have assigned socially distant spaces that must be adhered to.
  • Please follow the directional signs on the floors and walls to make sure that there is space between all visitors. 
  • All machines and touch points are cleaned between each session by the Fitness Centre team, meaning there should be THREE cleaning cycles between each use.
  • We are currently operating on a less than 25% capacity rule to insure the safety of all of our visitors. There will be a maximum amount of 65 users in the Fitness Centre at a time.  Additionally, users may be directed to the main floor or track level by staff in order to maintain capacities.

Q: Will I lose my locker?

We will allow a grace period for anyone wishing to renew their locker as well as for processing refunds for time missed.

Q: Can I access my locker to gather my belongings? Will my items be cleaned out?

Active Living is scheduling 15 minute appointments for those who need to access their lockers to pick-up personal belongings in the Kinesiology A building.  You will receive an email from to schedule these appointment times.  Please have patience as we work through scheduling these times for all of our clients. For more urgent requests, please contact

Q: How can I get my deposit back?

If your locker has expired your deposit is currently reflected as a credit on your account. We will allow a grace period for anyone wishing to renew their locker or return their lock for a deposit refund —  you will be able to call in to receive a deposit refund towards your locker renewal.

Q: What happens to my Active Living membership?

Your membership is on hold. You have the option to keep your membership on hold until we reopen to the public or you can submit a request for a refund. For assistance please email

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